The studio boasts a 16 by 24 foot acoustically treated main room, which can
comfortably accommodate up to eight performers comfortably. The room includes a baby grand piano, with two isolation rooms off to the side that can be used as needed. Backline equipment is available, including guitar and bass amplification, along with a full acoustic drum kit.

The control room features the latest in digital audio technology in the form of a 48-channel Sony DMX-R100 mixing console (affectionately referred to in the industry as the baby Oxford,) with flying fader automation and superb EQ and dynamics. Hard disc recording delivers high-resolution audio, while a Pro Tools system is available for further editing if required. In addition to the in-house microphones and preamps, the studio can accommodate a wide range of personal preferences via its ongoing relationship with Toy Works Rentals, one of the largest rental companies on the East Coast.

For the artists who want to spend an extended period at Blackwater, two guest rooms with artist's lounge are available. And in the summer, clients can cool off in the local nearby swimming hole. Rates for all services are very affordable, especially in light of the quality that the studio provides.

For the single acoustic artist, to the rock n' roll band, large choir or jazz ensemble, Blackwater Sound and Mastering is a haven for those who want to concentrate on making the best recording possible, but do not have the support of the big label budget.